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What Can You look Forward to in 2021?

We are well into the first month of 2021. It seems it was only yesterday that we were still in 2020. Do we have reasons to look forward to a better year? Like most people, you might already have been out and about for a few months already. Judging by the crowds in malls, save for the face masks in sight, you’ll be forgiven to think there is no pandemic in Singapore. While the worst is far from over, we may have something positive to look forward this year. Below are some things we might look forward to in 2021: Immunity – Yes, we’re talking about immunity against Covid-19. With mass vaccination underway in many countries, including Singapore, hopes are...

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What Have You Accomplished in 2020?

  As we enter the final few days of 2020, what have you accomplished? It has been a difficult year, to say the least. Businesses have failed, jobs have been lost, lives have been impacted. Yet, without dismissing the setbacks many have experienced, we can also count our blessings. For example, many have taken up sports, especially since the circuit breaker. Honestly, beyond going out for exercise then, there was little anybody can do legally outside their homes. For a number of these new exercise buffs, the healthy routine cultivated then has become a habit. Kudos to them. Others have picked up new hobbies and projects. Woodcrafts, baking, painting, singing have gained traction and adherents in fervor. Others have switched...

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The Things That Went Thump! in 2020

  Honestly, ‘2020’ is such a misnomer. That’s because we’re still being plagued by the effects of 2019. Yes, we’re talking about Covid-19, the infectious disease associated with a year. We learned many more words and strange happenings in 2020: words that were there but were never in our vocabulary. At least not in our everyday speech prior to 2020. It was 11 months ago (has it been that long?) that we first heard about Wuhan. And the word closely associated with Wuhan: coronavirus. Corona Beer became the butt of jokes. And we learned the name of the virus that causes Covid-19 is SARS-coV-2. Can’t they just call it SARS-2? Less drama like that. We also learned that there are...

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The Sale's Not Over Yet: Cyber Monday

Just when think that Black Friday is over and there's nothing more to shopping life, WAIT! There's still Cyber Monday. What's Cyber Monday, you might ask? It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online.  This term was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman, and started on November 28, 2005. It is one of the biggest shopping events ever.  We, at Sunday Shades, encourage responsible shopping and this is a great opportunity for all of us to show that we care for our friends and families. No, we don't just mean 'caring' by purchasing something for them (though that's a very welcomed thought here at Sunday Shades). We mean that, if you were to shop for...

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Shopee, Lazada, Taobao, Amazon, Aliexpress, Qoo10: Which is the Best Shopping Portal?

With the holidays coming it is natural for people to look for presents. It is the time of the year when shoppers go into a frenzy trying to snag the best deals, especially the few days before Christmas. In the midst of this hive of activities, we are facing the prospect of some popular departmental stores closing. So, where can we shop? Since the circuit breaker began, Singaporeans have taken to shopping online more than before. In fact, this monumental shift in habit from retail to online shopping is hastened when we find that online shopping is the only place where we can get certain goods. Coupled with the fact that online shopping usually means the prices are cheaper too....

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