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Our Story

The idea for Sunday Shades started when the co-founders Basil and Alex wanted to buy a pair of shades. They soon realised that buying a pair of quality and fashionable sunglasses was much harder than they expected. It was a choice between extremely expensive shades in departmental stores or cheap knock offs.

They decided to sell sunglasses that they themselves wanted to buy and went on an extensive search to find the right production partners. When their first batch of sunglasses was snapped up in 2 weeks, they knew they were onto something really special.

By using a direct-to-consumer model and only having an online store, they are able to save on rent and bypass middlemen like traditional distributors. This is how Sunday Shades is able to offer quality sunglasses at a much lower price.

Sunday Shades strives to provide fashionable, quality shades to the people of South East Asia.

For Sundays and sunny days!


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