Our Story

Sunday Shades Co was founded with a simple goal: to create a company that is fun to work in.

Two of our founders – Raymond and Kenneth – were partners in a regional cloud hosting outfit that they’ve founded, grew, and finally exited. Dorothy is an ex-national volleyball player contemplating the next phase of her career.

During a family trip, Kenneth and Raymond were casually discussing about next actions while exploring several potential business opportunities and eventually agreed that they wanted to focus on a market which was different from the backend nature of the IT industry. Dorothy’s sports background was helpful in eventually directing where the product focus should be.

Whatever business they setup, they agreed it must be one which would allow them to physically interact with the satisfied end users – and hence their journey into the eyewear world begun.

They notice that stylish, polarized shades are often expensive, and most are not designed to fit Asian facial features very well, even though it may be an ‘Asian fit’ design. It turns out many had similar experiences and lamented the difficulty of getting a pair of affordable, snug fitting shades for workouts.

Sunday Shades Co. was born in August 2019 and we focus on creating stylish, well-fitting and functional polarized shades which are affordable for everyone. Designed specifically to fit Asian facial features, our lightweight frames stay snugly on even during vigorous activities.

We design our shades in Singapore and work with international contract manufacturers to bring our ideas to life.

While designing our shades, we keep the following guiding principle in mind:

  • Asian Fit

  • No Bounce

  • Lightweight

  • Full UV protection

  • Polarized

  • Affordable

By using a direct-to-consumer model and only having an online store, we save on rent and bypass middlemen like traditional distributors. This is how Sunday Shades is able to offer quality sunglasses at a much lower price.

Founded and based in sunny Singapore, Sunday Shades strives to provide stylish, quality shades to everyone.




Wishing you many sunny days!

Kenneth, Dorothy, Raymond