Our Story

The idea for Sunday Shades was hatched when the founders were skiing on the slopes of The Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand. Not a fan of ski googles, they just needed a pair of polarized shades with UV400 protection to reduce the glare reflected on the snow. They realised however, that an affordable pair of shades that look trendy and offers full protection is hard to come by. Stylish shades easily costs upwards of $200, and while the quality is good (they own a few of those after all), it can be painful if lost. It was a choice between extremely expensive sunglasses from top brands or cheap knockoffs.

Back in their apartment that evening, they began to research the viability of designing and producing their own range of shades, with designs and features that they themselves would buy. Over the next 3 weeks of the road trip, they nailed down the basic features of the shades they are willing to pay for:

  • Full UV Protection
  • Light Weight
  • Durable
  • Stylish

With that in mind, they began to search for production partners who are willing to work with them to produce their perfect pair of shades. They were introduced to a manufacturer who produces shades for many top brands and after some refinement, their first batch of shades were delivered.

By using a direct-to-consumer model and only having an online store, they are able to save on rent and bypass middlemen like traditional distributors. This is how Sunday Shades is able to offer quality sunglasses at a much lower price.

Sunday Shades strives to provide stylish, quality shades to everyone.

For Sundays and sunny days!