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[Webinar] A Marathon Through My Lens + Giveaway!

  In collaboration with Tribal Triathlon Singapore, we are excited to bring you our very first webinar and we hope you can hangout with us! [𝗪𝗲𝗯𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿] "A Marathon through my Lens"Date: 9 May 2020, SATURDAYTime: 1400  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE PASSES Join us for this webinar hosted by Tribal where we will share the story of Sunday Shades Co, and how we ended up in the exciting world of sunglasses. We are also very pleased to have Sunday Shades athlete and National Marathoner Yvonne Chee (IG: @lovelivelaughrun)  sharing inspiring stories about her marathon training and journey.Participants will get a sneak preview of upcoming models (we have 5!) and exclusive webinar discount codes for new launch models. Did we also mention there...

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[REVIEW] Sunday Shades – good shades for running

Republished with permission Author: Stephen Yuen ( If you follow me on Instagram, you will no doubt have seen me sporting some snazzy looking shades in various colours while running around Singapore. These shades are from Sunday Shades, a company started to provide a cheaper option for those people looking for shades that can be used for treks and running, but don’t cost an arm and a leg. As a disclaimer, I purchased my first pair of Sunday Shades with my own money, and I have to say they have been worth every cent – though more on that later. As you know, I buy a fair amount of running gear so that I can review them for you, so...

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[REVIEW] Running sunglasses for my ultramarathon

Republished with permission Author: Lester Tan ( As athletes who spend a significant duration of time outdoors, protective eyewear is pretty much a necessity for us. Ever since my LASIK surgery 2 years ago, sunglasses has become an essential part of my daily attire. Due to my interest in outdoor activities, I have developed a stringent list of requirements that I demand from sunglasses (in order of importance): Lens must be UV protected (Polarized lenses a bonus but not necessary) Sunglasses must not slip nor bounce around during activities (For safety and comfort) Lens must be scratch-resistant (To ensure UV protection isn’t compromised) Frame material must be durable enough to withstand outdoor elements (Humidity etc.) Sunglasses must fit Asian features...

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Should You Wear Your Sunglasses When Driving in the Rain?

It depends. There has been a number of ‘advice’ circulating on the Internet about the benefits of wearing your sunglasses when driving in the rain. Water scatters light. When it rains, especially when you are driving, the scattered light can really affect your vision. This problem is further exacerbated when driving in the city. The rain, the gloomy weather, the tail lights, city lights and changing and moving lights from digital billboards can all compound the problem. Polarized sunglasses are designed to cut out horizontal lights. Bearing this principle in mind, donning or pair of polarized sunglasses when driving in the rain, will definitely be of help. The horizontal lights bouncing off the puddles of waters on the ground or...

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How to Tell if Your Pair of Sunglasses is Polarized?

So you bought a new pair of sunglasses. But you’re not certain if it was really polarized. How can you tell? There are four simple ways to verify if you have a pair of polarized sunglasses. Check the Temple Tips The first and easiest way to check if your pair of sunglasses is polarized is to look for the label at the temple (arm) tips of your pair of sunglasses. If you have bought a pair of Sunday Shades, you will find the word “Polarized” printed on the inside of the right temple tip. Check it Against Your LCD Computer Screens LCD Computer screens are polarized. In simple terms, based on the positioning of the liquid crystals, light passes through...

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