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Who Owns the Most Pairs of Sunglasses in the World?

Sunglasses, love them or hate them, you’ll never deny they are everywhere. From celebrities to energetic athletes, to the neighbours next door, and even you, sunglasses are probably part of the daily repertoire. Driving? Need sunglasses? Checked.Running in the afternoon? Need sunglasses? Checked.Making a fashion statement? Checked.Hiding your eyes? Engaging in nefarious activities and don’t want to be recognized? Need a pair of shades? Checked.In all probability, among those who own sunglasses, one pair is never enough. Perhaps you need a pair in the car. Another pair at home, and yet another pair in your bag – just in case. Three pairs of sunglasses is probably a very modest collection.According to the Guinness World Record, a woman from Vancouver, Canada...

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