Extended exposure to the suns' UV rays has been linked to eye disease and it is important to protect our eyes everytime we are outdoors. 

Sunday Shades sunglasses are rated UV 400 and it blocks out 99.9% of the UV rays. This protects your eyes from harmful UV rays as you engage in outdoor activities. 

Sunday Shades lenses are polarized and it reduces glare; light reflected from bright or wet surfaces such as snow or a wet road. Glare can have a disturbing effect when engaging in high-performance activities that require a high level of concentration such as driving, snowboarding, skiing, cycling and many others. 

The polarized lens works by blocking glare, and the result is the ability to see through the reflection. For example, if you are standing on the beach on a sunny day and you have a pair of Sunday Shades on, you will be able to see through the reflection of the surface of the sea and onto the seabed. 

Sunday Shades polarized sunglasses with UV 400 protection are designed for anyone looking for a pair of stylish, close fitting and high-performance sunglasses at an affordable price.

Made in the very same factories as popular top brands, each pair of shades are quality checked and subject to a rigorous testing process to ensure that it meets our benchmarks. 

Our frames are ultra light and are made with high-tech, impact-resistant polycarbonate. Sunday Shades' lenses are scratch resistant and are polarized using the cellulose triacetate polarization process (TAC), ensuring clear vision and the optimum protection.