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Men's Sunglasses

If you are looking to buy men's sunglasses online in Singapore, look no more! Sunday Shades have 100% UV protection and are polarized. Perfect for a day out at the beach or to reduce the glare while driving. Buy your perfect pair of men's sunglasses now!

What make's a good pair of sunglasses? They must provide sufficient UV protection to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. They must also fit well on your face and lastly, the sunglasses must make you look super stylish!

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Carbon Matte X Sunglasses

$59.00 $49.00

Lucid Rose Sunglasses

$59.00 $49.00

Demi Grey Sunglasses

$59.00 $49.00

Lucid Violet Sunglasses

$59.00 $49.00

Lucid Nebula Sunglasses

$59.00 $49.00

Lucid Emerald Sunglasses

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