Sunglasses For Running

Best Sunglasses For Running

Although running in the sun is one of the pleasures of the summer season, it can also result in glare, tired eyes and a prematurely wrinkled forehead! In order to ensure that the sun is part of your enjoyment of running and not a hindrance, you need to choose a pair of sunglasses. The goal here is to have a pair of sunglasses which you forget you are wearing, even in a race. 

UVA and UVB protection should be the baseline requirement when shopping for new shades, regardless of whether they are for running or everyday use. This may seem obvious, but only 5% of runners actually wear sunglasses during official races. Even if it is often of benefit as a source of well-being, the glare can make it difficult for runners to see the route and look at their watch.

You Need Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes From Physical Elements While Jogging

When trail running, sunglasses are also useful for protecting the eyes from the elements. It is not uncommon for a branch or some insects to be in your path, so it is best to protect your eyes to avoid any contact with them.

Protection From UVA and UVB Radiation

You should buy sunglasses that protect against both UVA and UVB radiation. Too much exposure to UV over a short amount of time can cause photo-keratitis, which is basically sunburn to the eyes. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause permanent damage, so ensure that your sunglasses offer full protection. This is especially important in sandy deserts or on salt flats where the sun will be reflected off the ground almost as much as if it were snow.

If you are going to be running in different conditions then you need to consider purchasing sunglasses with interchangeable or polarized lenses to cover all your needs.

Dark Tints: Blue/grey/green/brown is good for bright and sunny conditions and are most comfortable for the eyes in harsh light.

Golden Tints: yellow, gold and amber tints are better for low-light conditions as they filter out the blue light and make it easier to see the bumps and edges in the terrain.

Polarized/Photo chromic: photo chromic lenses are great for very bright conditions as they cut down on the glare from the sun reflecting off salt flats and sand. However, their base color tends to be darker than normal lenses and so towards the end of the day they may become too dark to use as the shadows grow longer.

Mirrored lenses: enhances the effectiveness of a tinted lens by reflecting sunlight bouncing off the ground, therefore reducing glare.

Clear: Use in dark or windy conditions when you want to reduce your eyes from tearing when running.

Lightweight and Comfortable Sunglasses

A comfortable pair of sunglasses is a lightweight pair that is pleasant to wear, fits securely on the face while preventing any condensation for maximum visibility. Another factor of comfort with your sunglasses is the ventilation needed to evacuate the vapor generated by your body heat. This can be achieved by adding holes in the lenses which allow air to pass more freely. The ability to adjust the frame at the nose bridge can also improve ventilation by positioning the lenses further away from the face.