What is the Colour of Your Personality?

What is the Colour of Your Personality?

If you were asked to choose one colour, what will it be? There’s a high chance that it will be a blue. Surveys from all over the world put blue is the number 1 colour that people choose. In a YouGov survey conducted on people from 10 countries in 4 continents, it was found that in the UK 33% of people like blue (the highest), to 23% in Indonesia (the lowest). So it appears that at almost at least a quarter of the people like blue.

Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Boeing, Visa, Paypal – many of the most prominent tech companies in the world spot a blue-coloured logo.

So, why is blue such a popular colour? Experts put it down to our association of colours with the mood we feel. Our planet is awash with the colour blue. The clear blue sky, the deep blue sea – we are enveloped with blue. It is no wonder the popularity of the blue colour cuts across many cultures and places.

How may our choice of colour reveal about our personality? The following fun list of positive personalities as defined by the colours you like:

Blue – If this is your colour, you are known be an ordered person. You take your responsibilities seriously, and are in control of matters. You have a nice disposition and people are drawn to you. You are equally drawn to cool, crisp mornings in the mountains as well as to balmy seashores.

Red – Red brings out the energy in you. You are drawn to red because it represents speed and thrill: think red-hot Ferarri! If you love red, you are driven (pun intended) and are passionate about life.

Orange – If you’re an orange person – you live life with zest! You’re optimistic and there’s always a spring in your steps. No grey days are going to bring you down. You are the life of the party!

Green – If green is you, then you will love nature and the countryside. You’re a calm and organized person balanced with vigour and a keenness to explore. You are also enjoy a high EQ and people are naturally drawn to you.

Yellow – You exude enthusiasm in your personality and that’s why you are drawn to yellow. You’re full of confidence about life. You will love a field full of daffodils in spring, autumn colours and the magnificent sunsets! You’re not a conformist and definitely unique in your ways.

Purple – The colour of royalty. You carry yourself well in life. But beneath that regal outward appearance, you’re a dreamer and you have a fantastic imagination. Creativity is in your blood. You’re a free spirit and you love to travel!

Brown – If you love the colour brown, you know you are a down-to-earth person. (earth is brown, remember?) You are highly responsible and secure. You are perceived as smart, yet you are friendly and approachable. Most of all you love the great outdoors!

Black – The universal colour of elegance: the little black dress that every woman wants and the black tuxedo that every aspiring James Bond in men desire. If you love black, you exude power and authority. You display confidence and coolness in everything you do.

White  – Purity, immaculateness and neatness define you. If you love white, then you’re an optimistic and confident person. You are eminently wise, independent and self-reliant. And you’re not afraid to be who you are.

Grey – There is a certainly an air of sophistication to a person who loves grey. You love stability and safety. You have so much energy in you but you are in full control of your emotions. You are the calm in a windstorm and the voice of reason. People trust you!

So, what’s your favourite colour? Actually, that’s not too fair a question. As in life, we are not defined by a singular trait, and certainly not in our choice in colours. Rather, we should ask, “what are your favourite colours?”

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