What Have You Accomplished in 2020?


As we enter the final few days of 2020, what have you accomplished? It has been a difficult year, to say the least. Businesses have failed, jobs have been lost, lives have been impacted.

Yet, without dismissing the setbacks many have experienced, we can also count our blessings.

For example, many have taken up sports, especially since the circuit breaker. Honestly, beyond going out for exercise then, there was little anybody can do legally outside their homes. For a number of these new exercise buffs, the healthy routine cultivated then has become a habit. Kudos to them.

Others have picked up new hobbies and projects. Woodcrafts, baking, painting, singing have gained traction and adherents in fervor. Others have switched to ecommerce in greater numbers. Online businesses thrive as a result.

We have gained a greater awareness of the preciousness of our family and friends. Our relationship with them perhaps were bolstered by the fact we were physically separated from them for a while. We no longer take them for granted.

Some have taken the opportunity to reevaluate their goals and objectives, perhaps taking stock of life and drafting new plans, perhaps adding new items in their bucket list.

Whether it is a new venture, a new hobby or relationship that we have cultivated, one thing is sure: we celebrate life and cherish the very essence of living.

With that, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being our readers and customers. You have every reason to be happy and we wish you the very best in the coming year!