What Do You Buy for Runners? Best Gifts Ideas.

Gifts for runners

The year 2020 is remembered not just for the Covid-19 pandemic but also for the massive online sale everywhere.  For example, you can be sure you will discover some great deals again this Black Friday. But instead of aimlessly swiping through pages of items on sale, why not score a gift with a specific purpose in mind?

Before we get to the items you want to shop for, consider how Black Friday sale began. The first time the term “Black Friday” was use was not applied to holiday shopping but to financial crisis. Apparently it refers to the crash of the U.S. gold market caused by two notorious Wall Street financiers. Their actions sent the stock market crashing.

However, the current application of the term can be traced to post-Thanksgiving shopping. Apparently, after an entire of going into the red, the surge in holiday shoppers turned the retailers’ profit into black. So the story goes.

Regardless of which version you hold to, it remains that the ubiquitous Black Friday will be back again. What will you be getting?

If you’re reading this blog, you are mostly like a sports person. Perhaps you are into running, or you know of someone who is a runner. What better time to get a gift for runners this time?

Here are the top 5 gifts runner want:

1. GPS smartwatch. Top on the desire list is of course an Apple Watch Series 6. However, if you are not prepared to splurge on an Apple smartwatch, why not consider Garmin’s Forerunner 35? It features the obligatory GPS, smart notification, reasonably long battery life, and is water resistant up to 50m – more than enough for those sweat-drenching moments. Best of all, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

2. Running socks. A good pair of running socks helps to maintain comfort, prevent injury, reduce friction and, admit it – drool worthy, though I wouldn’t go anywhere near a pair that is worn after a long run. One of the most popular brand of running socks is Rockay Accelerate. They feature a whole of socks for every budget.

3. Upperty facemask. Although face mask is not required when engaging in vigorous activities like running, why not consider gifting an Underamour sportsmask? Designed with quality materials – it is meant to be worn all day when engaging in sports, while looking good at the same time. Hey! Sometimes you can have the cake and eat it too.

4. Foam rollers. After a long run, you deserve some deep tissue release. Relief those sore muscles, or simply to relax – a quality foam roller like the Luxfit foam rollers make the cut. They are not expensive and have sizes that you take along in a gym bag.

5. Sports sunglasses. What’s running without adequate protection for the eyes? A good pair of shades that provide UV400 and polarizer protection is essential for the outdoor runner. It should also provide a snug fit and ultimate comfort. Sunday Shades sunglasses has all those features and more. Designed especially for Asian faces, they are lightweight, do not bounce, are very affordable and look very good. Thousands of sportspersons swear by them. Sunday Shades are available in a full range of colours here.

Looking for a gift some that someone is never easy. But we believe we have narrowed down the list for you. When purchasing things online, it will be good to check out the reviews left by verified customers. That will give you the confidence on whether to proceed with the purchase. Check out the raving reviews by Sunday Shades’ customer here. You’re welcome :-J