Top 3 Virtual Museum Tours in the World

Lourve Museum

It has been more than a year since the pandemic started and the stay-home weary are aching to travel again. While borders are still closed in most parts of the world, it doesn’t mean we have to deprive the aesthete in us.

If you’re like us, who enjoy a little art and history, then you’ll be swamped for choices online. Although most of the famous museums around the world are temporarily closed, they feature virtual walkthroughs that you can visit anytime.

Singaporeans are a busy lot and time is precious. At Sunday Shades, we have sifted through the lot and are happy to list our top 3 virtual museums below, for your viewing pleasure.

The Met Fifth Avenue, NY

Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art features art and historical pieces that goes back 5000 years of human history. They come from as far afield as Egypt and China and you’ll need up to 5 hours just visiting the permanent exhibition. While their virtual tours are just a snippet of the actual thing, they feature spherical 360° technology and you can feel what’s being there is like. For a truly immersive experience, put on your VR sets. Enjoy!

British Museum

The British Museum is an institution in its own right. Established in 1753, it is the fifth most visited museum in the world. Like the Met, it boasts a collection that goes back to the dawn of human history and is not to be missed.

In our opinion, it’s virtual tour is second to none. Its 60 galleries is mapped online using Google Street View. You can sit back, sip a coffee and enjoy a quiet visit to the museum from the comfort of your home. It’s the next best thing to being there.

The Lourve Museum

Who hasn’t heard of the Lourve Museum? Home to the Mona Lisa, it is the world’s largest art museum and the most visited one too. Opened in 1793, it has seen its collection grow under Napoleon as spoils of war or through treaties due to conquests. Later acquisitions were mainly via donations and gifts. Today, it boasts a collection of more than 380000 objects and displays 35000 art pieces. Follow the link below to visit the Lourve now.

If now your artsy side is completely piqued and you’re still not satiated, do not despair. Google Arts & Culture worked with over 2500 galleries and museums from the around the world. Among the notable ones are the Van Gogh Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, among others. Check them out here:

If paying virtual visits to museums is not really your thing, why not visit the National Museum of Singapore in person? It’s free to all Singaporeans and permanent residents. As safe distancing measures are in place, do book ahead online:

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