Top 10 Free Activities in Singapore 2022

Sunday Shades is Great Fun

Whether it is the school holidays or because we all need some distractions occasionally, people are out and about everywhere. After all, most of us won’t want to coop up at home forever. For the ones who managed to hold a passport that hasn’t expired yet, they have the option to travel abroad. But for the unfortunate souls who are still waiting for their passports to be renewed, well, they’re stuck here for now.

If you’re those who are not travelling for whatever reason, what else can you do besides combing the malls? The good news is: there is plenty to do in Singapore. No wonder a recent survey ranked Singapore as the 5th best place in the world for outdoor adventure travel.

These are the top 10 ABSOLUTELY FREE activities you and your family can seek out in Singapore.

  1. Free Soccer Lessons

Sunday Shades and Soccer
Did you know that you can sign up for free sports lessons online? There are many sportswear companies that organize free sporting activities for the whole family to get those sweat glands pumping out a torrent? Whether it is soccer trial lessons for kids or adrenaline-pumping HIIT workshops for adults, there is something for everyone. Just search online for it. Better yet, why not promote neighbourliness and organize a sports activity for your neighbourhood?

  1. Cycling 

If you prefer activities with a little less impact, consider cycling. Since the pandemic, cycling has been the rage of Singaporeans. On this small island, we already have an impressive 460 km of cycling paths and this is set to grow to 800 km next year! If you’re an advanced cyclist, consider taking up the challenge of Bukit Timah Mountain Biking Trail. This 7 km track takes you around the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with a nice clearing for a short break, if you needed it. If you prefer a more leisurely cycling experience, consider the newly-opened Changi Bay Point Park Connector. This forms part of the Route-Island-Route. Since its opening, cycling enthusiasts have flocked to this picturesque and Instagram-worthy location.  

  1. Beaches

Sunday Shades at the Beach
If chillin’ is your thing, then check out some of the beautiful beaches in Singapore. If the convenience, and hence the crowds, of East Coast Beach, does not interest you, check out beautiful Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. Tanjong Beach has one of the most beautiful stretches of sandy beaches in Singapore. On the other hand, if remoteness is what you want, try Lazarus Island.  

  1. Children’s Playground

If you have children, you will no doubt agree that they have a boundless amount of energy. So we have to allow them a healthy avenue to expend those pent-up latent energies. Thankfully, Singapore is not short of fantastic playgrounds for our kids. If you have older kids, then take them to Coastal PlayGrove. Located at the former Big Splash at East Coast Park, Coastal PlayGrove features the tallest slides – at 16 m high! For younger children, the water feature at the Children’s playground at Gardens by the Bay will guarantee hours of fun! There are many other free playgrounds, some located within shopping malls – there’s certainly no shortage of free fun here.

  1. Parks and Gardens 

Sunday Shades at the GardensSome of us simply like to sit back and relax while keeping a watchful eye on our kids as they run amok amidst the lush grounds of the local parks and gardens. Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore Botanic Gardens and Hort Park stand out as they are kid-friendly. Adults too will find these parks excellent locations to unwind or to check out the beautiful flora and fauna found here. There’s an added bonus at Singapore Botanic Gardens: the Singapore Symphony Orchestra holds regular free concerts there. Atas sia…

  1. Kite and Drone Flying

Sunday Shades and Kite Flying
Take to the skies without a plane ticket with your kites and drones. Singapore’s airspace is rather crowded though, so do check out prior whether it is permissible to fly a drone or even a kite at a particular location. Safe places like the Marina Barrage and Holland Road Field are certainly popular places if you harbour lofty intentions with your drones.

  1. Nature – Chek Jawa, Sungei Buloh

Contrary to popular beliefs, Singapore is not all glass and steel. It is also known for its nature and biodiversity. Despite being highly urbanized, Singapore is rich in biodiversity. We have more than 2000 vascular plant species, almost 60 mammal species and about 100 reptile and amphibian species. Where better to experience nature than at Chek Jawa (Pulau Ubin) and Sungei Buloh. Both are wetlands and are rich in biodiversity. The marine biodiversity at Chek Jawa is about 500 different species, while Sungei Buloh has over 500 species of tropical flora and fauna! These two places certainly are great outdoor classrooms. 

  1. Heritage Walks

Sunday Shades and Singapore Chinatown
For the history buffs among us, why not try out some of the free guided heritage walks in Singapore? Whether it is in Kampong Gelam, Little India and Chinatown, these tours will sure to delight everyone with nuggets of interesting information about our forebears and history. Discover places you never knew existed before, right in our own backyard!

  1. Sembawang Hot Spring

Pining for that ooh so luxurious Ashi-yu (Japanese footbath), but you are still not able to visit the land of the rising sun? Fear not, we have our own Ashi-yu near Sun Plaza. At the Sembawang Hot Spring park, you can enjoy a relaxing footbath in a beautifully landscaped environment absolutely free! If cooking an egg in hot spring water is not your thing, you can enjoy a hot meal at the on-site café. Who says you can’t have your egg, uh, cake and eat it too?

  1. Free Art Lessons

Sunday Shades Sunglasses and Outdoor Art
Feeling artsy? Then check out the numerous free art lessons. From watercolour painting to pencil sketching and digital art workshops, there is something for everyone. For added fun, some of these classes are conducted outdoor too. Perhaps, you will finally uncover that Rembrandt in you.  

There is so much fun waiting for you in Singapore and they’re all free! As most of these activities are conducted outdoor, be sure to slather up some sunblock and protect your eyes with a pair of UV sunnies. Sunday Shades makes the perfect pair of fun sunglasses for you. All Sunday Shades sunglasses are not only UV400 protected and polarized, they are also super lightweight. They are Asian-fit and do not bounce. And they’re really easy on the wallet too. Check out their full range at today!