Ten Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Whether it is the weather, or the economy where we have to tighten our belts or simply because we want to avoid the dreaded coronavirus, chances are we are staying more at home.

 How can we use up the extra time meaningfully if Netflixing or mindless binging on social media are not options? Here are 10 things you can do that will make you wish you could stay home more often:

  1. Plan for your staycation

Now that the borders are closed and it probably is not a good idea to travel anyway, why not spend time planning your next staycation? The Singapore Tourism Board, Enterprise Singapore and Sentosa Development Corporation has launched a $45 million, nine-month, campaign for a “Singapoliday”. Take this opportunity to rediscover hidden gems in Singapore that we have taken for granted – right here in our own backyard!

  1. Learn to bake/cook
    If you’re not already adept at cooking or baking, this is the best time to get your hands, uh, dirty. From a simple stir-fry to more elaborate cooking or baking, it can be highly satisfying when you work in the kitchen. With the voluminous amount of cooking / baking shows on Youtube, you will not be short on ideas on how to embark on your new culinary adventure. Who knows, you might just discover a hidden talent in yourself?

  2. Spring cleaning
    That moldy spot in the bathroom that you never had time to get to? The clutter in your wardrobe needs organizing? It’s time to do a Marie Kondo. If the idea of cleaning up the house doesn’t interest you as a meaningful activity, just remember it will spark joy in your partner when it’s done.

  3. Learn to Paint
    Before you dismiss this idea simply because you’re not an artist, the whole idea is simply to paint. There are simple painting techniques that you can begin with. And acrylic paints are the easiest to use. Even when you make a mistake using acrylic paints, you can easily make corrections. Why not dig up that favourite travel photo of yours and learn to paint it? Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you like it, with a little creativity, you can turn your end product into something abstract – and voila! an original art piece created by you. Painting is highly therapeutic, while working on it, you’re bringing the outdoors in. Try it! It’s fun and highly absorbing.

  4. Helping someone
    Now that the government is encouraging the seniors to be more digitally savvy, perhaps you can lend a helping hand to seniors who are struggling with technology? It is certainly not easy, helping seniors in this regard needs a lot of patience but it is rewarding. There are other ways to help others. Do you know of someone who needs help with chores or grocery shopping? You’ll feel good about yourself and will definitely warm the cockles of their hearts.
  1. Reading
    We certainly are not reading as much as generations past, at least not in the same way. These days people skim through an article. They read the headlines and zip through photos at the speed of light. But taking time to read a book with a cuppa in hand is delightful. You’ll be surprised how time flies, especially with an unputdownable. Reading opens up a portal to another world, it tickles your imagination. Nuff said.

  2. Working out
    You can certainly work out anywhere, not just at a gym or the outdoors. Where better to tone up those muscles and stay in shape than from the comfort of your own home? And you don't need expensive gym equipment to work out: check out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home exercise routine. Or, if you’re in with the latest trends, try out High-Intensity Interval Training – you’ll be floored in no time, literally.

  3. SPA day
    If breaking out in sweat with a good workout is not your thing, why not make it a SPA day at home. You don’t need a jacuzzi or a massage to do that. Exfoliate all those dead skins with a nice body scrub, rinse off and rub down with a good moisturizer. Don a thick bathrobe or towel, draw your curtains, turn on the AC, put on some soft music, roll on a beauty face mask and light a perfumed candle. If that’s not good enough, you can add to the ambience with a hot cup of ginger tea and some canapés. At the end of this routine, you’ll wish that you had a longer time at home.

  4. Connecting with family and friends
    Have you tried writing a postcard to friends and relatives overseas? While it is true we can Whatsapp or Zoom them, what better way to surprise them with a postcard? They will surely be delighted to hear from you this way.

  5. Writing Therapy
    When was the last time you wrote something? And I don’t mean you writing an email or a post on social media. But actually writing a diary or a story in your own hand. You might discover you have an interesting story to tell and get you started on a blockbuster. Granted, these days we type more than we write, since our handwriting has become doctor’s squiggles. But writing actually strengthens your learning process and aids in memory retention. It also helps with emotional decluttering and healing. The slower pace of writing allows you to collect your thoughts and to articulate them more clearly. It is stress-busting. Try it!

There, it’s not that bad staying at home. There are so many more things we can do at home if we just give it a thought. Now that I’m concluding this article, think I’ll go grab a book. Oh, since you’re here, why not check out latest range of Sunday Shades? Ciao!