Sunday Shades Shines at OCBC Cycle Hub 2023: A Celebration of Singapore's Premier Cycling Event

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who visited Sunday Shades at OCBC Cycle Hub! We were honoured to be a part of OCBC Cycle Hub 2023, a vibrant gathering that celebrates Singapore's largest mass cycling event since 2009. With a commitment to fostering a safe cycling environment for riders of all proficiencies, OCBC Cycle has become a cherished platform that promotes cycling as a year-round lifestyle. Supported by Sport Singapore and sanctioned by the Singapore Cycling Federation, this event enticed about 9,000 cyclists, offering them the unique opportunity to pedal along closed roads adorned with breathtaking scenery.

After three long years, OCBC Cycle 2023 makes a celebrated return as a full-scale event. Spanning from 6th May to 5th June 2023, this signature cycling extravaganza presents both in-person and virtual rides, catering to enthusiasts far and wide.

Among the highlights are The Straits Times 20KM City Ride and The Sportive 40KM Ride, set to captivate nearly 6,000 cyclists on 7th May. Participants can anticipate traversing picturesque routes, their paths winding through the heart of the city, passing by iconic national landmarks such as the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and the resplendent Gardens by the Bay. The ride concludes in grand fashion, culminating inside the magnificent National Stadium at the prestigious Singapore Sports Hub.

For Sunday Shades, the OCBC Cycle Hub provided an ideal platform to unveil our latest sunglasses creations, Eclipse Flare and Pointbreak Flare. Within this thrilling atmosphere of cycling enthusiasts, our booth became a hive of excitement as riders discovered our stylish eyewear that seamlessly blends fashion and function. Designed with the Asian fit in mind, these sunglasses offer a lightweight, bounce-free experience, making them the perfect companion for cyclists seeking comfort and style during their rides.

Moreover, we were grateful to have the support of our esteemed friends and brand ambassadors, who tirelessly championed the Sunday Shades brand throughout the event. Their enthusiasm was infectious, inspiring countless individuals who had only heard about our sunglasses through word-of-mouth to finally experience their exceptional craftsmanship firsthand.

OCBC Cycle Hub 2023 was an overwhelming success, leaving us energized and eager to participate in this remarkable event once again next year. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who joined us and supported Sunday Shades. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you again, continuing to provide innovative eyewear that enhances your cycling adventures.

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