OCBC Cycle 2023 Proved to be a Crowd Drawer!

What a crowd at the OCBC Cycle launch event!

It was the day of the OCBC Cycle launch event, and the excitement was palpable! Singaporeans can look forward to a series of both indoor and outdoor cycling events beginning April 22, 2023. The queue started forming quite early the day before, with the first 5 registrants getting their hands on the exclusive Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro worth S$705.00!

The launch event attended by these VIPs:
Ms Helen Wong (Group CEO, OCBC Bank), 
Mr Lim Teck Yin (CEO, Sport Singapore), 
Mr Jaime Ho (Editor, The Straits Times), 
Dr Hing Siong Chen (President, Singapore Cycling Federation)

Also present from OCBC were:
Ms Koh Ching Ching (Head, Group Brand & Communications), 
Mr Lim Zi Hao (Vice President, Group Brand & Communications), 
Ms Rachel Au-Yong (Assistant Vice President, Group Brand & Communications), 
Ms Tan Shi Ying (Assistant Vice President, Group Brand & Communications)

Aaron Wong (Shimano), Mr Lim Tek Yin, Ms Helen Wong, Anna Lim (Volvo) and Kenneth Tan (Sunday Shades) sharing the stage

Sean Goh, Mr Lim Tek Yin, Ms Helen Wong, Lynn M Chong and Mr Benjamin Oh joining the stage

Additionally, representatives from friends of OCBC Cycle were also there to support this event:
Great Eastern 
Ice Mountain 
SG Bike 
Singapore Cycling Federation 
Singapore Sports Hub 
Sport Singapore 
Sunday Shades 
The Straits Times 

VIPs launching OCBC Cycle 2023

At 12:30pm sharp, the launch began with a blast of the OCBC Air Horn by Ms Helen Wong and Mr Lim Teck Yin. Following that, Mr Jaime Ho and Dr Hing Siong Chen pedalled the stationary bike lightly to “power-up” the launch video screen.

Kelly Latimer rocking the red hot Frosted Red Nebula Classic Sunday Shades

The mood was most festive as Singaporeans welcomed the OCBC Cycle event back to being in-person. To cap off the day, representatives from Friends of OCBC Cycle Singapore were hosted to a delightful lunch at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore.

Sunday Shades’ Dot sharing a photo with OCBC Cycle crew

Overall, the launch event for OCBC Cycle 2023 was a great success. Through this event, cycling enthusiasts in Singapore can look forward to more exciting cycling events this year!

Sunday Shades met with Adeline and Janielle from Kallang Alive