Now that borders are open, where do you want to go?

Now that borders are open, where do you want to go?

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Many people may be thinking of travelling again with Singapore's recent re-opening of its borders. True, travels during a pandemic will be very different from what it was during the pre-Covid times. There may still be pre-departure and on-arrival testing required, as well as quarantine regulations and supplementary paperwork, depending on the destinations to which you are traveling. Despite this, the allure of travel has never been more compelling.

So, where would you like to travel to this time? Perhaps a place where the sun and the sea beckons? Or, will you heed the call of the mountains and lakes? Perhaps your adrenaline is on overdrive and you want to scale the heights and go mountain climbing? Or perhaps, you prefer to explore the depths of the oceans and go scuba diving. Alternatively, would you succumb to “revenge tourism” and do all of the above? Indeed, our options have expanded significantly and suddenly after more than two years of border closures.

There is no denying that the stunning blue waters of Santorini and Mykonos are enticing. To escape the summer crowds, the ideal times to visit these locations will be in April/May and September/October, and when the temperatures are cooler. However, it is possible that it might still be too cold to wear a swimsuit in April and May - so if you are solely interested in sightseeing, these are excellent months to visit. For those who are drawn to the allure of skiing and then relaxing in a hot spring afterward, New Zealand will be an excellent destination for your vacation. Please keep in mind though, New Zealand will only start to open its borders in July 2022 to travellers from visa-free countries, Singapore included.

As a result of the epidemic and the fact that air travel levels are still low, expect the cost of airline tickets to rise. So, look at the cost of air tickets to your selected travel destination first, as this could be a deal breaker for some of you. Make sure your passports have not expired yet before you begin to dust off your bags, as this is something that some of us may forget to do.

Given how enthused we are about the thought of traveling again, we may want to begin compiling a list of the items we intend to carry with us on our journey. No matter where you intend to visit, don't forget to pack your Sunday Shades sunglasses with you. While the intensity of UV rays varies from one location to another, they will nonetheless cause damage to your eyes if you are exposed to them for an extended length of time. The glare of the sun’s rays on the beaches will be just as uncomfortable as it is on a snow-covered mountaintop.

Sunday Shades offers a wide range of sunglasses. All Sunday Shades sunglasses are polarized and provide UV 400 protection, regardless of whether they have mirror or non-mirror lenses. In addition, they are really light weight, so you may wear them all day long. Sunday Shades make excellent travel companions because they are available in so many attractive designs and colours.  They are anti-slip and do not bounce, even during a hard workout. With so many colours to choose from, you're sure to find something to match your outfit for the day. Check them out now!

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