Malaysia Added to the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Scheme With Singapore from Nov 29, 2021

Malaysia - Sunday Shades

Malaysia: perhaps the most-awaited country to be placed on the VTL scheme, has happened. It has just been announced today that from Nov 29, 2021, Singapore will add Malaysia to its quarantine-free, subject to PCR tests. 

Although the quarantine-free travel arrangement only applies to the Singapore-KLIA air route, this is indeed good news for many people in both countries. In 2019, the Singapore-KLIA route was named the busiest in the world, with 30,187 flights annually, equating to some 82 flights a day. 

There are many personal and business ties for Singaporeans and Malaysians across both countries. After all, they're immediate neighbours. But for many, just the ability to travel across to the other country is a big move - especially for travel-starved Singaporeans. Think: sunshine, sandy beaches and clear blue waters. For others, it means the cool, crisp air of Cameron Highlands - a much needed change of scenery from Singapore.

So, even if you're putting off travel to the other countries on the VTL scheme, would you consider flying to Malaysia?

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