How to Reboot Your Motivation

Jogging with Sunday Shades

You’ve heard of the writer’s block. The wordsmith finding himself unable to come up with something creative. He’s in a stall, in suspended animation.

The same can happen to us in life. With the on-going pandemic, our plans to travel are indefinitely delayed. We find ourselves marooned on a concrete island, unable to escape the hustle and bustle that was oh so easy not too long ago.

Coupled with the constant demand of work, where WFH blurs the line between work and rest, our motivation ebbs. If we find ourselves moping about, the zest in our life fizzling out – fear not. You just need a reboot!

Here’s how to do it.

Change Up Your Routine

WFH does not have to mean literally working from home. If you have the option to work from a different location, be that a café or from a hotel lobby, try it. If WFH is not possible, and yours is a desk-bound job, then changing up a location in your office will do. Heck, even swapping desks with your colleague can make a difference.

Additionally, make small, actionable changes to your routine. So, try doing something different or something you have not done before. You could learn a new language, pick up a sport, learn to cook. Even small changes give you the sense of empowerment – that of being able to do something that you enjoy.

A few friends of mine has recently taken up baking and they’re doing a smashing job out of it. Previously, their very presence in the kitchen was unimaginable. Who knows, they might just discover the Gordon Ramsey in them.

The thing is: changing up your routine can add that pizzazz in your otherwise boring life.

Connect with Others

Experts recommend a simple way to gain motivation in your life: focus less on yourself and more on others.

Perhaps we ask ourselves if there’s something that we can do for someone in our circle of friends who might be struggling. We can give them a call or send them a text, even a card (when was the last time you sent a card?). This might sound tough when you’re feeling unmotivated. But studies show that if we do something for others – instead of merely focusing on ourselves – we will ultimately gain and become remotivated.

Associate with Positive People

It is one thing to hear out other people. It’s another thing if all we’re hearing are complaints. Are all your friends and colleagues moaning about work or other matters in life? We’re not suggesting you ignore these complaints, but don’t get too involved. Instead, mix with people who are enthused about their work. The common grounds you discover among such ones are great motivators. Positivity equals motivation!

Stay Active

A quick and effective way to reboot your motivation is to stay active. Time to hit the gym! Aerobic exercise releases endorphins. Your brain releases endorphins in response to pain and stress. In addition to dealing with pain, endorphins also bring about a feeling of euphoria and general well-being. So, although exercise exerts some low-level physical stress on your body, it results in your mental well-being.

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