How to Choose the Best Pair of Sunglasses for Running

Running Trail

Fresh air and sunshine, O how we love the great outdoors! From forest trails to tracks, Singaporeans love to jog and run. While we love the vitamin D from the sun, we are also cognizant of the fact that we need protection from the sun, especially for our eyes.  How can we choose a good pair of sunnies without breaking the bank?

Choosing Your Pair of Running Sunglasses

There are several factors you must consider when choosing your pair of sunglasses. Firstly, think about the shape of the frame when you are running. When running, you will be getting all hot sweating under the Singapore sun. So,  you’ll want a frame that is lightweight and snug-fitting. When you’re on a long-distant run, the last thing you want to deal with is a pair of sunglasses that keeps sliding off your nose or bouncing like a bunny on your face. In fact, the ideal pair of sunglasses is one where you forget that it's there.

Secondly, it should offer UV400 protection to keep the harmful rays at bay. Additionally, for clarity of vision, your perfect pair of sunglasses should offer polarized lenses as a standard. This not only improves your view of the surrounding, but also helps you to avoid pitfalls with the glaring sun in your face.

Thirdly, a good pair of sunglasses should also be able to double up as a fashion accessory that looks good on the track or at a beach party. That way, you just take a pair from work to exercise. How convenient is that?

Finally, it’s a no-brainer but the perfect pair of sunglasses should be of good quality and yet be affordable. With an affordable pair of shades, even if you lose them, it won’t break your heart.

Thankfully, Sunday Shades is all that. Our athlete-focused sunglasses are snug-fitting, don’t bounce, are lookers, offer maximum protection and are very affordable. They are designed for the Asian profile in mind. Don’t just take our words for it. See what our customers are raving about Sunday Shades:

Sunday Shades Customer Reviews

Sunday Shades: Ocean Surf - X Classic

Ocean Surf -X Classic

I love my new Sunday Shades. Gorgeous colour, lightweight, and excellent product. I bought 3 more in different colours! Thank you Sunday Shades. 

Tanya T. 

Sunday Shades: Lucid - Sepia Classic

I love this pair of shades because the colour of the shade is an evergreen color and it very good colour to be in if i just don't want to feel too "flashy" with the shade, and it's easy to match with clothings :)

Serene E. 

 Sunday Shades: Carbon Matte: Nebula Classic

Must-have cool shades for all runners!

A simple, yet sturdy running shades that can also be used as a daily shades!  Love the way it fits nicely with the Asian face frame.  Lens give excellent vision, especially on a bright sunny day!  This is my 5 pair of Sunday Shades, by the way and all of them are just as excellent if not awesome!

Desi A. 

Sunday Shades: Carbon Matte - Iceblue Classic

Coolest Shades Ever

Awesome tucked behind my ear. Be it on cycling or running, it doesn't bounce off. I've used it not only during exercising also going out as a fashion accessories. Good price 👍 

Jordan C. 

 Sunday Shades: Frosted Red - Nebula Classic

Loving My Sexy Frosted Red-Nebula Classic

As a fitness couch who does outdoor training. This Sunday shade 😎 is perfect for it’s light weight, no bounce and very gd for run and my bootcamp training. Love the variety of colours offered . My friends love them too.

Serene M. 

Sunday Shades: Carbon Matte - Rose Classic

Great shades for running

Was recommended by a friend. The shades are simple and stylish, can be worn for running and also for everyday. They do not bounce at all even on fast runs. A must for morning runs since I got LASIK done about half a year ago. The shades are also affordable for this quality.

Madelene P. 

Sunday Shades: Lucid - Rose Classic

Love my shades

Bought it to be used when I am cycling and I was really impressed that it did not slip off. It stayed well on the face. The fit is good ! 

Ee W. 

Sunday Shades: Carbon Matte - Wave Classic

Team sunglasses

My staff love the sunglasses. Esp they are swimming coaches;) thanks for the awesome shades!

Sumiko T. 

Sunday Shades: Misty - Nebula Classic

Coolest Sunnies ever

Bought these Sunday Shades for the new year to replace some of my brand 'O' sunnies as those lenses were starting to peel. These Sunday Shades were mad comfortable, wore them first on casual then next day went on a run with them. They don't bounce, neither were they too tight on the temples.... Lovin it.

Christopher L. 

Our customers absolutely love Sunday Shades sunglasses! What are you waiting for? Choose a pair of great Sunday Shades from our extensive range today.  We are certain you will find more than a pair you’ll love. Check them out here.