How to Choose a Good Pair of Sunglasses for Runners

Granted, many people associate sunglasses with fashion. In truth, sunglasses are not merely fashion accessories,  but are essentials for protecting our eyes. This is especially true for those living in the tropics. And if you’re an active sports person, you will appreciate the protection you can give to your eyes.

People living in the tropics, because of having more direct exposure to the sun, will face greater risks of UV damage to the eyes. Even those living in temperate countries are not spared. During summer, because of the direct angle of the sun, you will experience greater exposure to harmful UV rays. Also, those living in higher altitudes, because of the thinner atmosphere, will also be exposed to greater UV radiation.

Exposure to UV rays is measured by means of the UV Index (UVI). It describes the level of the sun’s UV radiation at the earth’s surface. The UVI varies throughout the day.

In Singapore, according to the NEA, February to April are the months with the highest levels of UV radiation, and listed as ‘very high’ (UVI 8 ~10). The rest of year is listed as ‘high’ (UVI 6 ~ 7). During the day, UV radiation is highest at around midday, and is listed as ‘extreme’ (UVI 11+).



If you are a runner who prefers to run at around 5 pm, be aware that UV radiation is still relatively high at that time. It is therefore important to don a pair of sunglasses suitable for running.

How do you choose a suitable pair of shades for running? We consider three factors that should influence your decision:

The Fit: Having the right frames for your pair of running shades can’t be overstated. For one thing, the frames should be lightweight, yet durable. The materials of the sunglasses arms (or temples) should provide sufficient friction, and yet not overly so. The bridge should sit comfortably on your nose as you will want to stay comfortable for the duration of your run. The fit of the frames should be snug, but not tight. The frames of a good pair of running shades should not bounce nor slip. With the right combinations, your pair of ultimate running shades should ‘disappear’ when you’re running. It should provide you with the ultimate UV protection without being intrusive.

Polarized Tint: Polarized sunglasses will help to reduce glare and improve clarity. For some people, the sun’s glare can even trigger a migraine attack. Running with a pair of polarized shades, will ensure greater comfort and focus for you.

UV Protection: Finally, the elephant in the room: a good pair of runner’s sunglasses must offer good UV protection. Even on a cloudy day, harmful UV rays abound. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation on the eyes may result in macular degeneration and cataracts and other ailments.  A pair of good running shades should have UV400 category 3 protection. It protects the wearer from harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation and also reduces visible light by 80%.

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