Does Your Running Apparel Matter?

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Unless you’re participating in the ancient Greek Olympics, where men competed in the nude, you’ll be wearing your favourite sportswear for your runs. Why did the athletes begin to compete in the nude? The bare truth is (pun intended), nobody knows. Word has it that one of the runners dropped his loincloth accidentally and tripped on it and everybody followed suit afterward. Others say it was to honour the Greek god Zeus. Apparel makers wouldn’t stand a chance then.

These days, every imaginable style and fashion adorn the serious runners. Tees, singlets, sports bra and what have you – choices are aplenty. Yet, beyond looking good, there are more serious consideration at play when it comes to the choices athletes make in sports apparel.

Wearing your favourite cotton T-shirts is fine. But cotton is extremely absorbent and in the hot and humid Singapore weather, you’ll be soaked through in no time. In colder climate, there’s the danger of hypothermia as the sweat absorbed in the material makes it hard to stay warm. The biggest problem with cotton shirts is chafing to the skin, largely due to moisture and the salt crystals from your sweat. As we have all experienced, cotton stays wet long after our run is over.

Enter technical fabric. These are fabrics engineered specifically for making sportswear with the emphasis on comfort and performance. The key features of such fabrics are: breathability, comfort, and wicking ability – the drawing of moisture (in this case: sweat) from the body. The athlete wearing apparel made from such fabrics will thus be more comfortable, and hopefully, more productive. Most of these materials are lightweight and also have anti-microbial properties that will minimize odor and bacteria. Technical gears are also more durable than standard cotton wear and they will hold up a lot more from repeated washing.

Technical fabrics can be made from rayon, polyester, spandex or a blend of these and other materials. Popular shirts from Brooks, Patagonia and Kalenji are made from polyester. For those who prefer more stretchiness, go for spandex or a spandex blend. And technical fabrics will ensure your T-shirt keeps its shape, even after many washings.

Branded technical T-shirts can cost $100 and up. However, the good news is: due to the popularity of technical gears for running, getting a good tee doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Even good quality runner’s shirt can be had for less than $20.

Running apparel are designed to be lightweight and to move with your body. Special attention is even given to the seams as they are placed in areas to enhance movement and minimizes chafing. Also, many of these clothes are bright and reflective so that you can stay safe even when running in the dark.

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