What is the 2021 Singles’ Day [11.11] Sale? Shopee, Lazada, Aliexpress and Taobao.

Sunday Shades

Before you get really excited and wondering if Sunday Shades is holding a Singles' Day or 11.11 sale, they're not. You'll be happy to note though, Sunday Shades' is having a massive Black Friday Sale! So check out their online store here.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the go-to annual year-end sale in the western hemisphere, China’s super sale is traditionally held on Singles’ Day. Known originally as  Bachelors’ Day, and also commonly known Double 11, it is China’s unofficial holiday and shopping season for singles. Hence, November 11 [11.11] is the designated date for this event.

In recent years, Singles’ Day has gained much attention outside of China and naturally, Singapore is quick to catch on too. So whether you’re single or not, there are huge discounts waiting for you.

In 2020, Alibaba’s Singles Day even ran from November 1 to 11. Gross merchandise volume was US$74.1 billion. That was almost double the sale they made in 2019. That far surpassed Amazon’s combined sale of US$35.3 million for Prime Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Riding on last year’s phenomenal revenue, Alibaba is gearing up for an even better performance this year. They have begun to a 4-day “zhongcao” campaign from October 1 across Taobao’s various channels.

How does that affect us in Singapore? Jumping on the bandwagon, Singapore’s shopping platforms are also getting ready for a massive Singles’ Day sale.

Already, both Shopee and Lazada already have their 11.11 teaser landing pages. Both platforms are gearing up for a super sale event of up to 90% discount.

Some of us may be keen to buy from China vendors directly. If that’s the case, Taobao is the place. But be aware that the website is all written in Chinese. If you’re keen to buy directly from China but prefer to shop in English, do check out Aliexpress.

What are some things you can look out for? Traditionally, electronics like mobile phones, soundbars, Bluetooth earbuds and smart watches are what gained the most attention. But new home owners will definitely be looking out for furniture and home and kitchen wares. As always, there’s also a strong demand for fashion apparels, including cosmetics. You can expect popular brands to slash prices in tandem with the rise in demand.

Not to be outdone, sportswear is one of the most popular categories for online shoppers during Singles’ Day. Top sports brand like Adidas and Nike raked in significant revenue on Singles’ Day last year. Apparently, with the pandemic closing borders, people have diverted their energy and attention to sports. Consequently, demand for sports footwear, sports clothing and sports accessories.

In particular, there is also a rise in demand for sports sunglasses. When people are exercising outdoors, they not only want to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays, they are also more conscious of their looks.

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