Are You Ready for Innvervate CrossFit Open 2023?

The CrossFit Open is the largest worldwide online fitness competition that most CrossFit gyms are participating. The 2023 CrossFit Open season lasts from 17th February through to 7th March. The entire is split into 3 weeks. Every Sunday and Monday of each week there is a capstone 'event' that happens onsite.

This year, Sunday Shades is proud to partner with Innervate for the 2023 CrossFit Open. Three female winners, 3 male winners and 2 “best spirit” winners will each win a pair of Sunday Shades. Additionally, exclusive discount is available for Sunday Shades sunglasses for Innervate members.

How does the CrossFit Open run?

Every week the Opens workout would be released on Friday morning. Thereafter, participants worldwide have a week to complete that workout. However, the main gathering of people onsite happens on Sunday and Monday the entire day at the Innervate gym itself.

The Open is open to everyone, regardless of fitness level. This is a global event that brings CrossFit competitors from all over the world together to test their fitness and experience the magic of the CrossFit community.

More significantly, the Open provides an opportunity to push oneself. Participating in the Open allows you to establish a goal, commit to it, and see it through. For some of us, the effectiveness of the CrossFit program comes down to accountability and the bravery to share our results with each other on the whiteboard at our gym or the scoreboard for our global community. If this is you, you may utilize the Open to push yourself harder in your workouts and see how far your fitness has progressed.

About Innervate

Innervate is led by Lionel and Moses, buddies who met in junior college and became CrossFit teachers in 2010. During their undergraduate days, they decided to open a gym with the goal of altering the perception that CrossFit as an activity only for the fit.

Innervate was founded in 2014 as a platform to make fitness inclusive and accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

About Sunday Shades

Sunday Shades is the first and only Singapore sportswear company that feature exclusively Asian-fit and no-bounce sports sunglasses. Since 2019, Sunday Shades has won over the hearts of athletes with their stylish yet affordable sports sunglasses that provide the ultimate protection from damaging UV rays. Thousands of athletes who don their favourite pairs of Sunday Shades during their vigorous workouts are testaments to the comfort and functionality of Sunday Shades.