9 Things That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood

Sunday Shades Sunshine

Suffering from Monday Blues? Well you don’t have to. At the time of writing of this article, the sun is smiling gloriously on Singapore. Even when things appear gloomy at times, they don’t have to remain that way. You can do something about it. Here are 9 things you can do to instantly lift your mood:

1. Consume some dark chocolates. Ah...chocolates! These dark thingy have been scientifically-proven to improve your mood. It contains serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Now you have the best reason to gorge on that bar of chocolate.

2. Engage in conversation. According to studies, simple social interaction, such as smiles, eye contact, and short conversations, can quickly make you feel happy. Chat a little with the barista when ordering a cuppa in the morning.

3. Crack a grin. It's such an obvious choice. However, just a smile can make you happy. It is completely free.

4. Sing a happy song. Music has a powerful influence on your mood. Make a playlist of songs that you always want to touch and sing along to. Alternatively, go to your favourite online music store, such as Spotify, and select the genre you want for the mood you want.

5. Make contact with a buddy. Social relationships have a vital role in emotional well-being. Physical distance does not imply social distance. People who have strong social ties are the happiest people.

6. Get out and get some light. Do you have a job where you can work from home? Daytime exposure to natural light is critical for synchronizing the body's cycle and regulating sleep, metabolism, and mood. You, too, require the necessary vitamin D.

7. Perform an absurd dance. Proceed to a more effective thinking framework. You feel joyful when you perform cheerful motions such as leaping, jumping, jumping, or just lifting your hand in the air. There is also a lot of studies on the benefits of modest exercise on your mood. It is practically instantaneous and can last anywhere from minutes to hours.

8. Take a break from your digital gadgets. According to research, the amount of time we spend on the Internet (particularly social media) makes us feel worse about ourselves, our lives, and ourselves in general. As a result, disable notifications and take a little break from your devices.

9. Go for a stroll outside. Even better, go to your local park, no matter how little. Even better, go for a workout. HIIT, jog, or run – these activities will definitely destress you and lift your mood.

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