6 Reasons Why You Should Bring Along Sunglasses for Your Travels

Sunflowers and Sunday Shades

Many of us love traveling and discovering new places from across the world. That was why many were disappointed when international borders were closed, and travels restricted last year. While you can learn about any location on the internet or by reading about it, nothing beats visiting a specific location yourself. However, no matter where you are travelling to, don't forget to bring your pair of shades.

Sunglasses not only offer you a stylish look but also protects your eyes from dangerous UV rays. These rays are known to damage the eyes and cause cataracts as well as macular degeneration. Both of these conditions are serious and can lead to lifelong loss of vision. Additionally, you will protect your eyelids from skin cancer with the help of sunglasses. Therefore it is important to choose sunglasses that offer UV protection.

Although most of the sun’s rays we are exposed to are from indirect sources, we still need to protect our eyes. These sources of light may be reflected from walls, road surfaces, from snow, and shiny objects like the bonnets of cars. However, such indirect sun’s rays are almost as dangerous as direct sun rays and needs to be blocked.

Getting your vacation to a good start
While we’re understandably excited about reaching our holiday destination, the journey there can be fraught with all kinds of discomfort. Now that more people can travel again, it is good to take note of this. Have you had bouts of headaches after a flight? There are a number of factors contributing to this. It can be due the lack of rest, the recycled plane cabin air, the uncomfortable chair positions, and dehydration. We are all affected by our bodies’ reaction to light. In particular, light will affect our bodies’ circadian rhythm. When we travel across time zones, it is important for us to prepare ourselves for the time of arrival at our destination. For example, we may be setting off in the late afternoon, but by the time we arrive at our destination, it’s already night. Sunglasses can help trick body into thinking it’s getting dark, to better prepare us when we arrive. Further, we need to protect our eyes from the strong sunlight that can shine through the cabin windows, as there are time when we cannot draw the window blinds (such as during take offs).

Protection from glare
Flying to a country during autumn or winter is a great way to change your perspective. Especially so for those living in Singapore, a change of views is always welcomed. However, the low sunlight during autumn and winter, can leave us partially blind while driving. This is especially dangerous when you’re driving in the mountains with ravines on the side of the road. Imagine going round the bends and being blinded momentarily before making that crucial bend! The result can be horrendous. Similarly, you can be exposed to very glaring light when you participate in a winter sport, such as skiing, in the snowy mountains. The reflection of light on the snow can cause headaches and blindness. Wearing sunglasses when driving or skiing in the winter can help you avoid these scenarios and protects your eyes.

Protection for drivers
Driving for long periods of time can be extremely taxing on the eyes. The onward headlights, the glare from the sun, and reflections from various surfaces can all cause strain and fatigue. If you are especially sensitive to light, these issues can become prohibitively troublesome. Glasses that are polarized for glare protection filter out rays of light that are reflected off shiny surfaces. While glare protection can seem like a trivial matter, having polarized lenses on a road trip can enable you to drive for long periods and focus on safely arriving at your destination. Even during a rain storm, when the light seems deceptively darker, some drivers have found it helpful to don a pair of polarized sunglasses for a clearer view from the raindrops falling on the windscreen.

Enjoy clearer vision
Even if you are not driving, you will surely appreciate the ability to enjoy the views without straining your eyes. Especially if you’re travelling on a bus or train with huge windows, the sun’s glare can be very blinding and there may be no curtains to keep out the light. Wearing a good pair of sunglasses can reduce the glare and allows you to enjoy the scenic views at the same time.

Protection from harmful elements
Besides glare from snow, travellers sometimes have to battle the elements like sand, wind, and fine dust during their travels. Many years ago, the writer of this article has to deal with the discomfort from the sand being blown in his face as he was sandboarding in Cape Reinga, New Zealand. The glare from the harsh sun’s ray reflecting off the sand dunes’ surface was another source of discomfort. While the overall adventure there was great, it would have been perfect if he had his pair of Sunday Shades sunglasses then. This is why when engaging in outdoor sports, it is good to remember to wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the blinding, irritating, and scratching effects of these elements.

Enhancing your looks
Sunglasses are always in fashion. From movie stars, to athletes and tourists, we all love how a pair of sunglasses can enhance our looks. They can be a fashionable addition to any outfit, and protecting our eyes at the same time. And those enhanced look will certain make for good photos for your IG!

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