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12 Tips on Taking Care of Your Sunglasses

Sunday Shades - Sunglasses for Active Sportspersons

If you regularly take your pair of Sunday Shades wherever you go, soon you’ll notice smudges and other dirt on it. If you’re thinking of wiping your sweat-soaked T-shirt to clean your pair of shades, STOP! You might just be damaging it.

If you want your pair of sunglasses to look good for a long time to come, it is important to properly care for and maintain your pair of sunglasses with the following tips:

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly
This might seem a no-brainer: wash your hands first. If your hands are still dirty or oily, it will be pointless to clean your sunglasses as you’ll be introducing more dirt to it.

Clean your sunglasses regularly
It is important to clean your sunnies after each use. If you don’t clean your sunglasses regularly, over time, the sweat residue and other dirt can corrode the hinges or damage the coating on the lenses. Particles can also be strapped on the edges of the frames and can come dislodged later. These may damage the sunglasses, or worse, injure your eyes.

Clean after each outing at the pool or beach
Cleaning is especially important after each outing to the sea or the pool. If left uncleaned, seawater and the chlorine from the swimming pool will corrode your precious sunnies.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water
In tropical weather, running it under a steady stream of tap water is just fine. If you are concerned about the quality of your tap water, use distilled water instead. This will help remove any dirt or debris that might be stuck on the lenses.

Use mild liquid soap
If necessary, clean by diluting a drop of mild liquid soap and gently applying it. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Usually this will be enough to remove any oils and finger prints.

Drying it by using a microfibre cloth
Use a microfibre cloth (the pouch it came in does the job) and gently dab on the lens surface. Never rub on the lenses.

Use both hands
Always try to put on and take off your sunglasses with both hands. This is to prevent exerting uneven pressures on the hinges and arms. Overtime, your sunglasses may misalign if care is not taken. Also using both hands prevent your fingers from accidentally smudging the lenses.

Proper storage
Store your Sunday Shades in the microfiber pouch when not in use. This will prevent scratches or other accidental damage to it.

Watch before you wipe
Do not use your shirt, scarf, paper towel, tissue paper etc to clean the lens. These can be abrasive and will scratch the delicate lens surface. Definitely avoid using wet wipes.  The alcohol in it will damage the coatings of your lenses.

Avoid using harsh chemicals
Do not use harsh chemicals such as detergent, bleach and alcohol-based cleaners to clean your sunglasses. Doing so may damage the special coatings on the lenses of your shades.

Keep away from excessive heat
Keep your sunglasses away from direct heat. For example, do not place it on the car dashboard where it might be exposed to excessive heat.  It is best to keep them in a pouch and carry them along with you. Or, if you’re stepping out into the sun again, wear them!

Avoid Your Saliva
Strange as it may sound, some people actually think that using saliva on their sunglasses will rid them of the smudges. No, it doesn’t. It will make the smudges worse. Plus, you might be spreading germs on the lenses and accelerate their growth.

Caring for your Sunday Shades is not rocket science. But it does take conscious effort to rid ourselves of bad habits and cultivating proper ones when cleaning them. Cleaning them properly will ensure your pair of Sunday Shades will last for a long time to come.

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