12 Great Running Spotify Playlists to Suit Every Genre

12 Great Running Spotify Playlists to Suit Every Genre

Many of us enjoy having some music on as it can make our run more enjoyable. But find the right music or playlist can be a challenge at times. Having the ‘wrong’ music on and it can ruin our run. True, some might enjoy classical music, especially when going on a long run, but most might prefer something of a quicker tempo.

Perhaps you have a few favourite albums and you play the songs in them when running. Playing music from our favourite albums is great until your not-so-favourite piece comes on. Perhaps we want something with a faster tempo but a sad ballad comes on instead. Yeah, we can certainly skip it. But how great it will be if we just run mindlessly with music playlist of a particular genre!

These days when we mention a music playlist we almost certainly think of Spotify. Besides Spotify, there are numerous other music streaming platforms to choose from. Regardless which streaming platform you prefer, having a great playlist can help you pace your run and also help you to run longer.

What is your favourite music genre to accompany your workouts? Although most people choose EDMs and Hip Hop, we round up 12 great music Spotify playlist of different genres - we're sure at least is a hit for you. Check them out:

160 BPM Playlist

Just as the title of this playlist suggest, most of the songs on this playlist averages 160 bpm. The selection on this playlist features listenable favourites. Great for running!

Spotify Playlist - Sunday Shades

BTS Workout Playlist

The Korean wave is still riding high and what better playlist to get our adrenaline pumping then a playlist made up entirely of BTS’ songs?

2020 Running Pop

Although it’s now 2021, this playlist is still relevant and very listenable. Fans of Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift won’t be disappointed.

Running Playlist 145-155 BPM

Another pumped-up crowd pleaser. Made up of songs from different eras, there’s something for everyone.

My Running Playlist

Like the above playlist, this is made up of songs from different genres and eras. Be forewarned though, millennials might not relate to some of the songs.

Running Rock Mix 2021

For the rockers out there, you are not forgotten. Here’s a definitive workout playlist for you. Rock on!

Summer Jams Running Playlist (July 2021)

Another crowd-pleaser of a playlist that will bring out the runner in you.

80s, 90s Running 180 BPM

Hey! People exercise during the 80s and 90s too. Groove to the songs on this playlist while running and you may go fast enough and through a portal to a different time on earth.

May 2020 Running Playlist

Another playlist from last year, but still awesome for your late afternoon runs.

Running Hits – Running Music 2021

This very current playlist will set your pace peaking as the asphalt melts away and time disappears. Almost 4 hours of pure joy.


Treadmill Songs

Let the songs from this list take away the tedium of running on a treadmill. You may yet set a new world record on the treadmill as this playlist runs for more than 13 hours!

Workout Music 2021

Who says we can’t run with gym music? Let this great playlist accompany you on your run.

That’s it! Let these playlists be your companion and perhaps help you pick up pace when you run. And remember, whenever you’re out exercising in the sun, bring your stylish companion along - Sunday Shades. The sunnies from Sundays Shades are great looking, UV 400 protected, polarized, ultra-comfortable as they’re super lightweight and super snug. Check out the wide range of colours now!




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