10 Great Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees

“Happy Employees Make Happy Customers” – the 2019 book by Colin Shaw says it all. If your employees are happy, they will be able to carry through the company’s mission, thus resulting in happy customers. This is especially important for customer-facing staff. Even for non-customer-facing employees, a simple gesture of appreciation will go a long way to boost morale. In turn, this augurs well for the company. It’s really a win-win-win.

And it’s not all about better remuneration. True, we all work for money. But it is the little things that employers show toward their staff that really lift their spirit.

That is why companies organize annual dinner and dance events, or celebrate milestones like employee anniversaries and promotions. This creates an environment that makes employees feel valued and belonged.

Often though, it’s hard to think of what to get for your employees. And it’s certainly not photo frames (groan…!). Fret not, here are our top 10 picks for your cherished employees, all for $50 and below: 

  1. Sunday Shades Sunglasses (Sunday Shades Online $49.00)
    Sunday Shades Tembusu - X Classic

    Encourage your employees to embrace that active lifestyle by gifting them a pair of Sunday Shades sunglasses. Asian-fit, ultralightweight, no-bounc, UV400 and polarized – this is the ultimate running companion. Check out the shades at Sunday Shades Shop and you’ll know why people are raving about it.
  1. Blackdot Touch Pro Wireless Earbuds (Shopee $47.99)
    Employees working from home? What better to help them cut out distracting background noise during Zoom sessions with these active-noise-cancellation earbuds?

  2. Awfully Chocolate 18 Piece Truffles Set (Awfully Chocolate Online $45)
    They say chocolate is a happy food. What better gift to make your staff smile?

  3. 1000-Piece Magnetic Balls Fidget Toy (Shopee $22.10)
    Stoke your staff’s creativity while they work on the latest projects. These mindless fidget toys allow your employees to destress and dwell on their work at the same time. You might just end up with an Einstein on your team.

  4. Iris Ohyama PCF-HD15 Circulator Fan (Lazada $49.90)
    If your employee needs the aircon while working from home but doesn’t look forward to hefty bills, this is it. Set the airconditioning to low and circulate the cooled air with this fan. Of course, your employee will love you more if you’re paying for their power bills. But that’s another level altogether.
  1. Starbucks Green Coffee Mug (355 ml) (Starbucks Store on Lazada $30.90)
    Great for the long meetings and when your employees need to pull some late nights. The Starbucks mug will keep those sleepy eyes open and minds focused at the all-important task at hand.

  2. Backjoy Sitsmart Relief (Shopee & Lazada $48.90)

    Show that you care when you gift a Backjoy Sitsmart Relief back support. While this is no Secretlab, this piece of chiropractic invention will right the postures for those WFH days and minimize backaches.

  3. Remax Powerbank 50000 mAh (Shopee $35.90)
    Who doesn’t love a great powerbank with plenty of juice? The Remax 50000 mAh power bank will keep those all-important electronic devices going.

  4. Fitness Bag 40L LikeAlocker (Decathlon Online $50)
    If your employees love to hit the gym, then this fabulous fitness bag will meet their needs. Designed with compartments that segregate shoes, clothes and other essential gears, the health nut can get up and go quickly without wasting precious time.
  1. Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S (Shopee $44)
    Protect those weary eyes with this desk lamp. Stylish and sleek, it has both yellow and white light to suit the time of the day or personal preference.

There, this is our roundup of great gifts you can get your employees. Show them that you care when you get that thoughtful gift for them. Don't forget to check out the Sunday Shades online shop! Get a pair for your employees or even for yourself too!