Su Ann - Runner

Meet athlete, mother and Sunday Shades ambassador, Su Ann. She leads a very active lifestyle. Let’s find out what keeps her doing the things she does.


Name: Su Ann
Sport: Running and General Fitness
IG handle: @endorphynn
Facebook: @endorphynn

Su Ann - Sunday Shades Ambassadors

1. Do you pursue a specific sport?

I don’t have a specific but I believe that #movementismedicine regardless of how small or how short, we need to do something.

2. When did you realise the importance of pursuing an active lifestyle?

The recent 6 years especially with a young one, I felt that it was just imperative to stay fit and be an example to her in her growing up years, for as long I can!

3. Are there people who are your inspiration?

My husband, and of course my daughter, as well as my ex-F45 teammates, are the major inspiration behind what I do!

4. Have you participated in any major competition?

Just a half marathon overseas and I clocked 2:04.

Sunday Shades and Su Ann

5. Do you maintain a special diet? If so, what do you eat? Are there cheat days?

I am largely gluten free, and we are dairy free at home as they are inflammatory. We maintain a healthy diet. We don’t label any meal or day as a “cheat” but if we feel like KFC chicken sans skin, yea why not it’s just protein.

6. What does your exercise routine in a typical week look like?

4-6x a week, mix of running, on the ski-erg, cycling, and weights training.

7. Do you see yourself as an inspirational role model for aspiring athletes?

I’d like to think so. I hope to inspire my followers out there, especially mums who think they can’t put aside a few minutes a few of times a day, to do something for themselves. It’s not impossible, but it does take commitment.

8. Do you have favourite training spots? What are they?

Currently right here at home where I have my equipment, tv and music. I did use to run around Keppel Bay, Kallang Stadium, or from CBD all the way home. And I used to live near ECP and that was great too.

Sunday Shades Ambassadors

9. Have you always been fit and fab? Was there a time when you were not?

I used to work and pay for my gym membership from when I was 18 years old during my college days. So I always realise the importance of movement, resistance training, and keeping excessive weight off. The only time when I wasn’t (physically active) was probably just earlier this year from January to about July, when I was battling autoimmune issues and I sank into a bit of depression.  My entire body language was awful, and I couldn’t use my palms or hands at all.

10. If there are readers who would like to get started in your sport, what advice do you have?

I’d like to advise on starting small, but being consistent and have that discipline to set aside time for oneself, knowing that the rewards will come back many-folds. Invest in some comfortable, quality shoes, and some athletic wear that could inspire you or make you feel good. Motivation can come externally, but intrinsic push is vital.

11. Do you have anything else about yourself you’d like to share?

I do like to experiment in the kitchen when there’s time and I love trying out food. I love art.

Thank you Su Ann for sharing with us about yourself. As you said correctly, it is possible to make time to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. All it takes is a few minutes and some commitment. We are certainly inspired by your zest for life!