Miryam Acosta - Yoga Teacher, Crossfit, Running and Swimming Enthusiast

Swimming, crossfit, running and yoga teaching: Miryam Acosta, is all of that. What is a typical week like for her? What drives her? Let’s find out more!


Sport: Yoga, Crossfit, Running, Swimming
Name: Miryam Acosta
IG handle: @Miryam_Acosta
Facebook: Miryam Acosta Yoga

Miryam Acosta - Sunday Shades Ambassador

1. When did you discover that this was your passion and that you were going to pursue it as far as you could?

When I was on my twenties I was passionate about aerobics and that is why I decide to get a fitness instructor certification for being able to teach and helps others to live a healthy life. Fast forwards after 10 years teaching fitness classes I decided to take my yoga certification and after that I decided that I wanted to persuade Yoga as a career.

2. Who inspired you?

My aerobics instructor by then was pregnant and she asked me to cover her classes while she was on maternity leave, so it was because of her that I was motivated to take the fitness certification.

3. In your opinion, what was your best performance?

Yoga is not about performance, Yoga is more a life style

4. Do you maintain a special diet?

Yes, I do believe that a balanced healthy nutrition is important that is why I prep my week food following the macros my nutritionist advice.

5. What does a typical week look like?

During my week I will to combine my days in between crossfit, running, swimming and of course yoga. 

6. Do you see yourself as an inspirational role model for aspiring athletes?

My desire is just be inspiration to others for finding ways to life a healthy life.

7. Do you have a favourite training spot?

My CrossFit box is where I spend many hours a week because there is all the things I need for a full workout training.

8. Have you always been fit and fab? Was there a time when you were not?

When I was young I used to be chubby and didn’t feel happy with the way I look but then one day I started doing aerobics and day by day I was feeling happier and lighter, not just my body change but also the way I was feeling.

9. If there are readers who would like to get started in your sport, what advice do you have?

Practice with patience and no expectation.

10. Do you have anything else about yourself you’d like to share?

I love dancing and salsa is also my passion.

Thank you Miryam for sharing your story with us. If you would like to find out more about Miryam, check out her Instagram or Facebook account.