Juvy Amking - Jump Rope, Running, Rope Flow, Hiking

In this exclusive interview, we have the pleasure of introducing Juvy Amking, an enthusiast of multiple sports, including jump rope, running, rope flow, and hiking. Juvy's journey in the world of sports is a testament to her dedication and passion. Join us as we explore her experiences, insights, and advice for those looking to embark on their own athletic journeys.

Name: Juvy Amking
Instagram (IG): Juvy Amking
Facebook (FB): Juvy Amking

Sport: Jump rope, running, rope flow, hiking

1. When did you discover that this was your passion and that you were going to pursue it as far as you could?

I discovered my passion the moment I felt I couldn't live a day without skipping and running!

2. Who inspired you?

When you love what you do, you don't require external motivation to do it! You get inspiration within, by yourself!

3. Do you maintain a special diet? If so, what do you eat? Are there cheat days?

No! I eat what I want. Just remember to eat in moderation and, of course, don't forget to work out!

4. If there are readers who would like to get started in your sport, what advice do you have?

Don't hesitate! Just get started! Keep drilling!

5. Do you have anything else about yourself you'd like to share (eg other non-sport passion, hobbies, interest?

I love books!

Juvy Amking embodies the essence of self-driven passion in the world of sports. Her dedication to her diverse athletic pursuits, coupled with her inner motivation, serves as an inspiration for all of us. Juvy's straightforward approach to diet and exercise underscores the importance of moderation and consistency. To those eager to follow in her footsteps, her advice is clear: just get started and keep at it. Beyond sports, Juvy's love for books adds another dimension to her multifaceted personality. We wish Juvy the very best in her pursuits!