Beatrice Tan - Footballer

Beatrice Tan: currently the goalkeeper for the National Women’s Team, she’s also playing for the Lion City Sailors Football Club. She’s a very active person and so, if you don’t see her in the field playing football, you’ll find her hiking, cycling or at yoga. Let’s get to know her more


Sport: Football, cycling, yoga and hiking.
Name: Beatrice Tan
Social Media handle: @icameisawiateit 

1. When did you discover that this was your passion and that you were going to pursue it as far as you could?
Back in 2008, a few friends introduced the sport to me during one of our study breaks. I immediately got hooked on the adrenaline the game provided and it was then I knew that I wanted to continue playing the sport. I ended up joining the girls football team when I entered Junior College and the rest is history!

2. Was there someone who inspired you to pick up this sport?
I wasn't inspired to pick up football because of anyone. I fell in love with football because of a combination of reasons: the intensity and competition the sport provides, the feeling and adrenaline I get from playing and fighting alongside my teammates for a common goal, and a platform for me to not only challenge myself but also societal norms, etc.

3. Have you participated in any major competition or events?
SEA Games 2021, AFF, AFC, World Cup Qualifiers, ASEAN University Games 2012.

4. In your opinion, what was your best performance?
(As a team) Winning the FAS 2019 Women's Challenge Cup finals with my then club, Tanjong Pagar, at the iconic Singapore National Stadium and keeping a clean sheet for the entire 2019 Women’s Premier League season and Women’s Challenge Cup Tournament.

5. What’s your training like when training for a competition?
My training days can go up to 4 to 6 times a week when we’re preparing for a competition.

6. Do you maintain a special diet? Do you have cheat days?
Nope. I eat everything in moderation :)

7. When not training for a competition, what’s your training like? Do you cross train? What does a typical week look like?
My typical week involves balancing work during the day and my national team and club trainings in the evenings. Also during the day, I try to sneak in a quick 15 minutes stretch session or hit the gym and usually commute from home to office / training grounds by cycling.

8. Do you see yourself as an inspirational role model for aspiring athletes?
Maybe…? Balancing work and football requires lots of discipline!

9. Where is your favourite training spots?
Training grounds that are nearer to my house so that I don’t have to spend so much time traveling and can commute by cycling. HAHA!

10. Have you always been fit and fab? Was there a time when you were not?
I would say my fitness level has been generally alright my entire life since I enjoy leading an active lifestyle.

11. If there are readers who would like to get started in your sport, what advice do you have?

Just start! Better late than never #noregrets. But be prepared to put in the hardwork to catch up.

12. Do you something else about yourself that you would like to share with our readers?
I have a penchant for creative exploration and currently run my humble art shop called The Patternholic. At The Patternholic, I work with local creatives and small businesses to bring my illustrations to life through a selection of unique products. I’m also a bunny mum and movie junkie.

Thank you Beatrice for sharing those inspiring snippets of your life with our readers! Your positive outlook in life certainly translates to your active lifestyle. We appreciate your candour and down-to-earth demeanor. And we certainly agree: it’s better late than never when it comes to get started in sports!