Avalynn Chiang - Fitness Enthusiast

We’re happy to interview Avalyn Chiang, fitness enthusiast, and Sunday Shades Ambassador. Who’s her inspiration and what words of advice has she for those who want to get started on running? Let’s find out!


Sport: Cycling, Gym, Running, Hiking
Name: Avalynn Chiang
IG handle: @avchiang
Facebook: Avalynn TJ

Sunday Shades - Avalynn Chiang

1. You mentioned to Sunday Shades that you’re a fitness enthusiast and you’re into cycling, gym classes, running and hiking. What got you started?

I started becoming more active only in the recent years, starting from home-based HIIT workouts. I moved on to studio workout classes after signing up for a good deal, and never looked back since! I got into cycling after I moved to a place near a PCN (Park Connector Network), it has brought me to so many beautiful places while getting a good workout. Singapore is beautiful, go out and explore!

2. Do you maintain a special diet?


3. What is your weekly schedule for exercise?

My goal is to work out 2-3 times a week!

4. Do you see yourself as an inspirational role model for aspiring athletes?

Not for aspiring athletes, maybe for people who are looking to get started in exercising or getting into a regular workout routine!

5. What motivates you to lead an active life?

Taking care of my overall wellness is an essential - in return there is a higher probability of living longer and better, to journey with my loved ones through life.

6. If there are readers who would like to get started in your sport, what advice do you have?

Wait no more, just get started!

7. Do you pursue other hobbies besides sports?

I’m into photography as well, it brings me to this quiet space where I can get 100% immersed in my surroundings and not think about anything else. Photography IG account: @lensgotravel I’m dabbling with video creation as well - just got an Insta360 action camera to take short videos – will be posting them on my IG and YouTube channel.

Sunday Shades certainly appreciate Avalynn for sharing fitness story with us. Her zest for life is certainly well represented in her cheerful disposition and megawatt smile!